Works, which I developed during my studies:
(Some contents are only available in one language.)

July 2017

Essay "Level Up or Game Over – Gamification and Design"

An essay about Gamification and Playifiation.

June 2015

Game Report "Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward – When Chocobos learn how to fly."

What the adventurers can expect along the way to the north. A preview of the first expansion of FFXIV.

March 2015

Report "Buying the Quelle! – Really no Fake"

A Report about the society "Wir kaufen die Quelle e.V.". The goal is, like the name is telling, to buy the building complex of the former catalog company in Nuremberg.

Report at on− – german only
June 2015

Copywriting (advertisement) for DATEV eG

Script with dialogues and slogan for an ad campaign of the DATEV eG – developed in teamwork.

February 2016

Short Film Screenplay "How Far"

A German is going to war against the Nazis. But first of all he sees his two brothers at the frontline – in Nazi uniforms.

February 2015

Children's Story "No More Girls"

Post−apocalyptic children's literature, for children about nine years. A girl wakes up in a dystopia, and is looking for her mother. Thereby strange things are happening...

PDF – german only